Established in 1986, Meiweiyuan Foodstuff factory is a leading condiments producer, specializing in the production and sale of a wide variety of condiments. Meiweiyuan was awarded "Super Brand of Condiments in China" by China Foodstuffs Industrial Association, and is widely recognized and fully supported by the China Condiments Association.

In June 2002, following the successful acquisition by Heinz, a global leader in sauces, condiments and processed-foods, with a 130 year history, Heinz(China)Sauce&Condiments Co.,Ltd was established. HMWY introduced top-level food processing facilities reaching an annual production of some 60,000 tons of condiments.

Meiweiyuan Sauces and condiments are sold in large and medium-sized cities throughout China, as well as overseas markets such as Hong Kong, Macau, South East Asia, Europe, Australia and America.

Strong competitive edge in technology and innovation

Using advanced equipment and modern production technology, MWY now has world-class processing lines and precise inspection and examination devices, attaches great importance to product innovation and technology advancement and invests a certain amount of human and finance resources in the development of new products and technology every year. Has won many awards over the years:

  • 79 patents on layout design.
  • Meiweiyuan Soy Sauce, one of our major products, accounting for 31 out of 79 patents, was awarded "Excellent Patent Implementation¡" by Guangzhou Patent Administration.
  • In 1997, MWY was awarded "Outstanding Enterprise of Guangzhou Foodstuff Industry with Advancement in Science and Technology" by Guangzhou Science-Technology Advancement Fund.
  • In 1988, MWY was awarded "Outstanding Enterprise with Advancement in Science and Technology of Guangzhou".
  • In 2002, was awarded certification in "Advancement in Quality and Technology" as well as the certificate of "Product with Advancements in Quality and Technology" by Guangzhou Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, Panyu Office.
Outstanding Quality Management System and Measuring Assurance System

MWY Soy Sauce achieved a 100% pass on all parameters during a random examination and inspection conducted by the National and Provincial supervision institutions during the period of 2001 to 2003.

In 1998, HMWY achieved ISO9001 International Quality Certification. In March 2002, in addition to ISO9001 (2000), we also obtained the certificate of "Measuring Assurance System Qualification" by Guangdong Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision. In March 2003, we successfully achieved the audited renewal of ISO9001 (2000).

In 1999, was elected "Outstanding Enterprise with both Quality and Profit in National Foodstuff Industry" by China Foodstuff Industry Association. For 3 consecutive years from 2000 to 2002, we were awarded "Enterprise with Outstanding Quality Management" by Guangzhou Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, Panyu Office. In 2003, received the QS production permit on "Fermented Soy Sauce" and "Fermented Vinegar" by State Administration of Quality and Technical Supervision.

Marketing Management and After-Sales Service System.

MWY has a wide sales network that covers large and mid-sized cities throughout China. Our sales team is in constant contact with agents and distributors from all regions so as to gather immediate feedback from the market. Regular, independent research led by our marketing department ensure that we keep pace with market changes and where necessary product range and specification are adjusted to ensure we provide out customers with safe and satisfactory products.

MWY has an after-sales service system, that includes service hotlines for enquires and complaints. The Consumer Complaint Handling Procedure was established to handle complaints in a timely way and in accordance with the relevant "Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests" laws and regulations. This ensures that our brand Meiweiyuan remains trustworthy for our customers.

High Quality Staff Members and Perfect Training System

MWY provides staff with training to ensure they are competent in the workplace. After recruitment, new staff undergoes orientation and SOP testing by the Human Resources and Administration Department. Only those who have passed the SOP training can began their work.